WordPress FAQ Plugins To Make Your Work Easier

FAQ, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions, has become a common website feature! The reason behind this is quite obvious – it addresses the most generic queries of visitors, regarding various aspects of a site. Typically, websites set up a separate page, filled-in with questions or topics they think visitors ask frequently, followed by corresponding answers. And this is what we know as a FAQ Page. FAQ page are one of the most visited page of a service site, and more over it gives a great SEO advantage too. Here I have compiled a list of free WordPress FAQ plugins , which will help you to make FAQ page in WordPress.

Awesome & Free FAQ WordPress plugins

Since having such a webpage could really be useful, let’s check how we can make one in WordPress, using plugins.

WordPress FAQ plugins

This is a very nice plugin that you can download from WordPress plugin repository. As the name suggests, it can help you creating FAQ pages with animated effect. Using this plugin, you can make ‘clickable’ question headings, which expands to display answers underneath. In other words, it allows you to show questions initially, while keeping answers hidden beneath. To view answers therefore, one needs to click on respective headings. And for making things simple to visitors, this plugin also adds either ‘up and down arrow’ or ‘plus and minus sign’ visual cue to those headings.

Easy FAQ with Expanding Text – it’s really easy to set up on a site. You can also choose how the FAQ page should function; that is, by applying the ‘expanding’ effect to the entire page, or creating multiple such sections with different headings, utilizing a given shortcode pair! Another important feature of this plugin is its support for nested FAQs.

Creating a FAQ page would not be as easy as it can be with Arconix FAQ plugin. It’s a simple yet powerful one, and comes with a few awesome features, such as ability to show/hide answers‘return to top’ link for long FAQs, and so on. The plugin has utilized WordPress Custom Post-Type, which makes adding questions and their answers pretty easy. Once you are done creating, you can then display them on a standalone page, using an even simpler shortcode. It also allows you group FAQs as per requirements. In case you are willing to change the display order of questions, you can do so by adding parameters to the given shortcode. Also, Arconix FAQ has very good documentation and related resources to get you started quickly, in a problem-free manner.

This is another WordPress FAQ plugin, which works on the same principles as the above-mentioned one. That is, it also makes use of Custom Post-Type for letting users create questions along with answers. Later, all these Q & A pairs can be displayed on a separate WordPress page by means of a shortcode. What makes it different is its ability to resize window and auto adjust the height. In other words, WP Awesome FAQ adds scroll bars in case of lengthy texts, and thereby it makes browsing the page quite comfy! Moreover, this is comparatively a new plugin; hence, a number of excellent features are yet to be added, such as pagination.


If you need greater control and a feature-rich solution, Q & A Focus Plus FAQ is definitely the plugin to rely on. It has almost everything you may need for your FAQ page. As for instance, you can include a search function on that page, which will help visitors find quickly what they are thinking to inquire. This plugin also allows you to integrate a rating system, as well as commenting. You can even choose to change the animation behavior, and customize title or question heading style. Despite the number of features, you can set it up the same easy manner as with the other mentioned plugins here.

Though before you pick from any of these free FAQ plugins, ask yourself do you need all the features offered by above plugins. Pick the one which you find good enough for your FAQ page, and use it on your WordPress powered website. It’s hard to pick the best, but my vote goes for Q & A Focus plus FAQ for extra features.

So, these are a few best WordPress FAQ plugins you can use for creating an intuitive FAQ page. Although quite new, they are still efficient enough. Do let me know if you know of more such plugins.

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