How to Install Multiple WordPress Plugins at Once

Setting up WordPress is fun, but how about installing the same plugin on every new blog you install. There are few essential WordPress plugins, which you need to install after fresh installation of WordPress. Installing each plugin manually from dashboard is time-consuming, and one option is you download all plugins, keep them in one folder, and upload it directly to plugin folder. Though, how about you get a better option to install multiple WordPress plugins with single click.

Bulk Plugin Installation : Install Many WordPress plugins at one go

Bulk plugin installation is a free WordPress plugin, which will let you install any number of plugins with one click. For the first time, you need to make a URL list of plugin which you want to install, and this plugin will do the rest for you. Using this plugin is easy, and here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Plugins > Add new
  • Search for bulk Plugin installation, and install-activate this plugin.

Once this plugin is activated, again go to Plugins > Add new, and here you will see a new box which will let you install bulk WordPress plugins at one go. All you need to do is: Add the name or URL or Direct link of plugins which you wish to install, and this plugin will download and install it for you. Here is an example:

Install multiple WordPress plugins

The only thing is, this plugin will just install bulk WordPress plugins, and you need to activate, setup plugin manually. Anyways this will save a lot of time for us.

What you can do is: In a Notepad file, you can list down the link of all essential WordPress plugins you usually install on a new WordPress blog, and use it every-time.  If you need to install any WordPress plugin outside WordPress plugin repo, simply give the direct .zip link of the plugin.

I checked this plugin with WordPress 3.5, and it worked fine. Go ahead, try Bulk plugin installation WordPress plugin, and let me know your views.

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