Best wordpress Themes For Travel Agency 2019

Grand Tour


Grand Tour’s splendid design isn’t going to be an easy task to miss. The on-point design structure flawlessly incorporates itself over the many of Grand Tour’s features. As an example, you can take the first part of the site that you see when you open a page using the GTour theme. As have done many other travel agency themes before, the GTour as well provides an intro Holiday Filter functionality. This filter is perfect for weeding out certain tour packages based on the Simple or Advanced input. But, it’s the transitions from scrolling down the page that caught our attention. GTour feels smoother than butter in its interaction with the user, and oftentimes it’s these tiny little design tweaks that have the biggest impact towards conversion rates.

And if you haven’t been convinced yet, why not take the Grand Tour theme for a free tryout spin. You can experiment with more than 300+ options within the Live Customizer. As you change custom values, the changes begin to appear on the demo site in real-time! Last but not least, the GTour theme has to have the best Tours/Holiday booking pages we’ve ever seen. Similarly to the Grand Tour also uses a widget which alerts how many people there are on the given page. A widget such as this helps to encourage potential customers to hurry up with their decision. If anything it’s a brilliant marketing strategy.

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Book Your Travel


The Book Your Travel theme has evolved so much over the last 5 years. It’s one of those WordPress themes that have managed to grow with times and naturally improve itself in every area of design and features. With 5,500+ sales and the numbers going up quickly, the Book Your Travel template is a solid companion for travel, tourism, and travel-related business websites. Anyone from a touring company to a car hiring service agency can benefit from using this marvelous theme. The key selling point of Book Your Travel is the bookings system which is independent of the site’s design, making it flexible to adapt to business agencies that specifically specialize in selling services. Clients can book tours and trips instantly through the WooCommerec integration, which is already configured to accept payments from sites like PayPal.

We have to give accolades to Theme Energy for developing such a complex bookings system. For example, if you specialize in tour services, the bookings system includes more than a dozen configuration segments. With these segments, you can create listings which include the tiniest of details about your services. For example, you can specify tour types, multiple pricing options, custom queries, location information, reviews from existing clients and so much more.

Customizable Travel Agency WordPress Themes 2018

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GoExplore from Parallelus uses a state of the art modern design palette which is ideal for truly professional travel booking websites. The quick and easy accessibility of pages, posts, and navigation makes the browsing experience as seamless as you will ever see. Existing customers of GoExplore use this theme to make all kinds of interesting travel-related websites. For example, you can launch a travel blog, a travel club, a travel agency, or a travel news websites. As a matter of fact, you can combine each of these categories together and have all of these exciting sections be a part of your core travel services site. Isn’t that wonderful?

Themes like GoExplore require a lot of prior experience in the field to truly craft to the perfection, and you won’t be disappointed to launch your travel agency website using this beauty. The unique Travel Destinations plugin is where you will spend most of your time adding new locations and travel experiences. Once you are done adding new destinations, you can preview them in a beautiful custom post type in your newly launched website.

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Adventure Tours


The Adventure Tours from Theme Delight is what you call a masterpiece of a theme for its specific category. Which in this case happens to be touring and travel related services. Your clients will always consider the design of your website as a major trust signal, so why not go for a theme that ensures high-quality perfection? This dazzling WordPress theme is for travel agencies, tour operates, and businesses that provide unique travel experiences. The flexibility of Adventure Tours is what makes it so versatile for unique types of travel businesses. Because it uses its own booking system, you can specify as many tour details as you like. If something isn’t there that you would like to include, you can specify a custom form option to make it happen.

Naturally, the Adventure Tours use the WooCommerce plugin to enable any payment options, which clients can use to book tours directly. Most noteworthy has to be the coalition of elements and how fluid they are in their native state. The Adventure Tours theme uses quite a few background images to supplement its colorful and precise grid layout of tour pages. As a result, the uniqueness of your site isn’t going to go unnoticed.

Customizable Travel Agency WordPress Themes 2019

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The Traveler theme’s strongest selling point is its in-depth core functionality which is based on cohesive research. The Shine Theme devs analyzed what makes sites like Booking, Kayak, and AirBnB so successful, and implemented many of their findings into this Traveler theme. It is structured to meet the business goals of travel, tour, and booking platforms. And perhaps the best part of it all is that you can enable all these services simultaneously within a single website. Whether its hotel, car, rental or tour services that you want to extend your business with, the Traveler theme doesn’t stop you from expanding your business. The succinct dashboard reports can be used to track your earnings based on the services that you’re selling. All payment processing is done with PayPal and is automatically enabled for all of your business services.

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The Magnetic theme would work best in a scenario where you want to provide secluded booking tools for anything related to travel or touring. The reason being is that Magnetic doesn’t supply customers with a travel booking environment per say. However, this theme does include several widgets and design patterns that reflect the necessities of a travel agency website. As an example, the colorful full-width slider widgets are the perfect components for putting up some stunning imagery from your previous trips. And you can compliment your experience with outlining services and talking about the specifics that your agency is able to provide. Magnetic is a niche-specific business theme with the right properties for it to be viable in situations related to travel and/or tour agencies.

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The richness of color within TravelKit theme’s core is hard to miss, and beautifully orchestrates a stellar design experience for a market such as travel. Hundreds of customers have purchased TravelKit to use this theme for a travel agency, tour services, and similar tourism related business operations. The ease of getting started with TravelKit is unprecedented. It really does work like a traveling kit website theme. From simple Packages management to more sophisticated actions like a hotel bookings system. Furthermore, the TravelKit theme includes capabilities for you to enable booking of flights, car rentals, and similar services. Every time you finish a trip with your group, you can have the host send you photographs which you can feature on your TravelKit website with a stunning photo gallery integration.

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The Iter is without a question a rather impressive WordPress theme. The attention to detail is evidently precise, which makes Iter an applicable theme for travel businesses that want to take it to the next level. Amongst the many special features, you get custom tools for managing tours and services, which are displayed on the site in their own custom page types. Furthermore, the flexible structure of Iter is easy enough to adapt for services like hotel bookings, resort stays, cruises and other travel arrangements. You have a number of options in ways that you wish to display your homepage header. The first option is to use a background image, which is being showcased in the demo, while the other option is to use an animated particles layout.

The particles layout is basically a CSS3 animation with a unique effect which transforms the first impression of your site to your clients. The Iter theme allows you to manage any video and/or photo content that you can place directly on your homepage. Most of all, almost every part of this theme is management through its own drag and drop interface. Rearrange the homepage by moving blocks either up or down, and see how your design changes within a split second.

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Travel Time


The lightweight design of Travel Times makes this theme perfect for travel websites of all sizes and types. And although Travel Time includes so many amazing features, one of the best has to be its Travel Pages for tours and destinations. You can go all out with showcasing exciting tours and travel experiences. From simple things like color management to more complex features like animation effects for pages and in-content elements. Whether you’re a travel agency or a tour service provider, adding some blog posts can go a long way. As a result, the Travel Time theme includes multiple layouts for displaying your latest blog posts and/or news. A layout such as grid, masonry, timeline, and standard WordPress blog layout.

Most of all, Travel Time is translatable in multiple languages and includes a Content Templates system. The Content Templates system can help you save a ton of time from having to rewrite similar posts/tours. Instead of rewriting, you can save the most repetitive data and use it as a template for your next post. All in all, it’s hard to imagine Travel Time theme being a disappointment, given that you like the color scheme and overall layout.

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Lets Travel


The multi-purpose functionality of Let’s Travel theme is great for starting a traveling website in many different niches. As of right now, the most commonly used niches for this theme seem to be traveling agency, touring operator, hotels, airlines, car services, and cruises. Of course, given the nature of these niches, you can recognize that Let’s Travel is possible to adapt to many other similar business types. The fact that a demo layout can be imported within a single click shows how thoughtful the NRGThemes folk have been to make it as convenient as possible for customers to get started.

At the other end of this theme, you have several surprises awaiting you. First and foremost, it’s a combination of more than 100+ web elements, many of which are customized specifically for Visual Composer. Furthermore, your clients will know how to appreciate the advanced content search engine, which helps clients to find their dream tour quickly and with ease.

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Entranda’s multiple stylish designs are ideal for any adventure tours related agency. The keyword for this theme is “it simply works”, which is always a welcoming sign for a market like travel tours. With all-encompassing features for tour operator businesses, this Bootstrap 3 theme can do it all. Needless to say, the design is only a tiny fraction of your online success. Besides a beautiful design, you have to remember just how much plugins can help your business grow. As a result, the Entrada theme includes only the best of the best WordPress plugins for business and touring needs.

The full tour booking process takes your clients from a touring page to the final checkout in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, clients can add additional add-ons and explore special offers that you can specify yourself. The Live Customizer support (as recommended by WordPress) means that you can edit your design in real-time. Most importantly, this fabulous tour agency theme is easy to learn and understand.

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It’s always hard for reviewers and critics to label something as “best” or “superior”. The process of reviewing a product like a WordPress theme requires a deeper understanding of design principles. But also the tools that come on top of those principles. In the case of Zone, a responsive WordPress theme for tour agencies, it’s a remarkable piece of work that excels in every area of design and features. A newly renovated version of this theme includes even more amazing widgets for making the booking process as pleasant as possible. For example, you can place tour information widgets in your sidebars or content pages. As a result, clients can “quick book” a specific package without leaving that given page. Another addition is the popular tours widget, with which you can display your most highly rated tour experiences.

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City Hostel


The massive typography of City Hostel is hard to ignore. In fact, it’s the hallmark of this theme’s success. With a truly modern design and numerous home page layouts, the City Hostel caters to touring agencies with young and hip owners. As the name suggests (“City Hostel”), this impressive theme is for travel and hotel agencies alike. The aesthetic components of City Hostel make this theme feel authentic in every shape and form. Once your clients enter the website, they care greeted by your own specified hero image. Below the hero image is a widget for quickly booking a room or a travel package.

Despite its sophisticated ecosystem, the City Hostel manages to perform excellently on all modern browsers without any hiccups. A powerful framework is what keeps the back-end of the theme together. In your admin dashboard, you can manage settings and quickly override default parameters. Furthermore, you can edit shortcodes, use Visual Composer, and be in charge of even the most mundane of configuration options.

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Travel isn’t always just about pretty destinations. Travel agencies have to remember that people of all ages book tours, experiences, and general travel adventures. As a result, a large proportion of your clients will seek trustworthy information about your business. This information can come in the form of reviews, blog posts, and posts on social media sites. Your job is to provide clients with this information before they get distracted. So, in that sense, the Go theme excels in the department of earning client trust.

The multiple homepage components — besides the actual travel booking — are based on client trust specifically. You can effortlessly show testimonials, trip reports, and other viable information about your agency. The outstanding Go theme uses powerful features to ground your digital presence, and naturally attract clients. Not a single element from the homepage feels out of place, which makes Go a universal tour agency theme for businesses of all capacity.

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The Travel Tour theme has so many different and unique layouts that you can’t tell if it is the same theme half the time. And that has to be a good thing, especially in a market where authenticity is highly valued. This beautiful piece of web design is a fully functional platform for travel agencies, tour booking businesses, and adventure-related businesses. The selection of more than six homepages is enough to satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated of projects.

Nevertheless, Travel Tour maintains a sense of uniqueness that isn’t used anywhere else in this niche. Take for example the homepage intro header layout. Instead of displaying a menu or other navigation options, the Travel Tour theme uses multiple sliding background images. Each image contains its own “travel search” from through which clients can look up destinations for a specific country.

And while this search feature feels authentic on its own, the remainder of the design manages to keep a fresh look. Key features of Travel Tour is the Tours and Destination management dashboards. Customize, create, or change any kind of specifications for the packages that your agency is providing.

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Travel is one of those life’s experiences that can unravel a hidden paradise anywhere on this Earth. How amazing would it be if clients found a paradise of their own thanks to your services? The Paradize theme serves over 1,000 loyal customers. These customers, include you if you purchase this beauty, can utilize tools like a drag and drop content builder. In addition to a Live Customizer from which the whole of the theme can be edited and customized. For payments, you have the option to enable WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a highly rewarding WordPress eCommerce plugin with in-depth functionality for digital businesses. Most noteworthy of the Paradize theme has to be the documentation. Tokomoo provides all of their customers with special care and support packages. All in all, launching a tour agency platform with Paradize is as easy as it gets.

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