Best WordPress Themes For Doctors And Medical Organizations 2019

Modern culture is a globalized culture—barriers and locations are less significant these days. Medicine, too, has evolved in this day and age, and sophisticated medical practices everywhere are introducing themselves to their clients through the internet as a medium and as the venue for communications, with their own medical websites serving as their online calling cards. Websites help patients feel at ease with a doctor and their office and staff before even walking in through the door, making them receptive to the wealth of information your patients can readily access from your website, such as services and procedures, risks, fees, and more. The following collection of WordPress themes embodies all the requirements of successful, trustworthy and reliable websites for doctors. Have a look.



MedZone is a responsive and minimalistic WordPress theme. Focused entirely on the health and medical business. Have a look especially at its Pro version granted with a membership from Macothemes. This theme is awesome looking in a smooth one-page scrolling format. It provides catchy arrangements and sections for all elements and powerful pre-built layouts. A theme made for greatness. Unlike its most basic versions, you get color schemes, blogs and +10 post formats.

MedZone Pro lets you show testimonials for clients to see what others have to say. It also offers contact and about us pages to truly embrace your ideals. All in a very professional, clear look.  Also, you will get team listings and even sliders. Showcase both facilities and staff and assure people you have what it takes to treat them. Event calendars and booking appointments are fully featured! MedZone Pro is is widget ready and comes with a great screen adaptability. Responsiveness at its best! Installation is also simple and fast with its ready to import demo. Documentation and full custom support from a dedicated team for over a year will be granted! Give it a chance to make your institution the greatest out there! Go for MedZone Pro!

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Divi is a beautiful and sophisticated, extensively and elegantly developed, cleverly implemented and graphically flexible and lively, colorful and vibrant, intuitive and very easy to use, powerful and adaptable, search engine optimized and fast-loading responsive WordPress multipurpose, multi-concept theme. An endlessly creative and virtually limitless theme that has been gifted with a huge set of features, plugins, pages and demos that make it one of the most complete WordPress themes overall currently in existence.

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It deploys the Divi Builder to great effect, making short work of page building tasks big and small, and with 18 professionally predesigned layouts to choose from, your Divi pages will always set off on the right foot and let you hit the ground running. Powerful shortcodes like Pricing Tables, Services and many more greatly expand the functionality of included pages and demos, making Divi a natural fit as a theme for doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists medical practices and related enterprises, as Divi’s fresh-faced and youthful look will appeal to clients across all demographics, inspiring the confidence and trust needed to establish a doctor patient relationship. With Divi’s native responsiveness, compatibility issues are a matter of days long gone. Upscale your practice today, with Divi!

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Health & Medical


Health & Medical is a powerful and dedicated, wholesome and inviting, fresh-faced and lively, aesthetically pleasant and deeply resourceful, technologically innovative and very intuitively customizable and easily navigable, visually impressive, graphically polished and professional responsive WordPress commercial multipurpose theme. This theme has been deliberately created to the meet and exceed every demand that webmasters trying to establish medical industry websites in general will encounter as they set out.

An incredibly easy to customize, with an intuitive page building process that will have amateurs and experts churning out equally seamless websites and pages within minutes, out of the box, without ever writing a single line of code. Health & Medical is perfect for doctors, dentists medical practices, physical therapists, chiropractors and all sorts of health professionals looking to establish an online foothold for their practice wherein their current and potential patients can feel at ease and comfortable. With includes 5 custom built Post styles specifically for medical website needs, such as Departments, Doctors, a handsome Slider post and Services, among others, as well as thorough WooCommerce integration out of the box so you can market those services directly. What else can you ask for? Health & Medical today attracts new customers, hooray!

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Medicalist is a specialized multipurpose WordPress theme. It is focused on expertise related to medicine, pharmaceutical, health care and such. It is responsive and fully packed with amazing demos and homepages. Medicalist has 6 galleries to showcase all kinds of treatments achievements and products. (It features amazing Slider Revolution for such tasks). Get awesome customizable backgrounds with videos or animations and Parallax effect. To set up shops you get 3 layout styles and awesome WooCommerce plugin integrated! Medicalist has online payments for treatments and connection to health insurance coverage.

Also, it has lots of blog pages to set cool Dr. details posts, patients stories, or medical advices. Going for a more commercial side, it features a banner to display images, sales or even publicity. Widget areas also available within design. Medicalist uses Bootstrap framework and Visual Composer as page builder. Medicalist works for non-profit organizations and full hospitals as well. It does so, with special trades like staff management and charity donations system. A particular addition is its emphasis on deontology features and among its demos. Doubts can be solved through both online documentation and support. Try any of its 6 demos with their one-click import! Start improving your business right now! Try Medicalist!

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HealthFlex is a cleverly crafted and deliberately designed, technologically inventive and creative, marvelously modern and astoundingly attractive, eloquent and elegant, easy to use and both user and developer-friendly, clean and crisp, mobile friendly and highly responsive WordPress business and commercial professional multipurpose website theme. A very intuitive and extensively designed theme, doted with the necessary muscle and ductile malleability required to handle the needs of a wide range of website archetypes and applications without complication, with a particular, specific focus on health service sector websites, such as medical services, clinics of all kinds, dentists’ offices, or private professional doctor practices, among many more related uses.

Doctors in particular find HealthFlex vastly convenient and impressive useful, with its very user friendly page editor, a completely visual process with absolutely no coding and an intuitive drag and drop process that lets users with no previous development experience build their own beautiful, customized websites with a clean, polished look and deep functionality in a matter of minutes. HealthFlex includes several different, unique demo websites for you to get off on the right foot, with plentiful demos and templates for doctors to make their own through an intuitive customization process. Try HealthFlex today!

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Medicare is an attractive and responsive WordPress medical and health multipurpose website theme. A framework for doctors and clinics to create effective platforms. With Medicare, anyone can put together sophisticated modern websites without writing any code. Tons of demo websites let you get things started right off the bat. Clinics, dentists, doctors, psychologists and physiatrists find in Medicare a reliable partner. Lets you showcase your professional services to massive online audiences. With the Rapid Composer, you can customize your layouts with ease.

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Awesome elements customized for medical purposes let you deploy all sorts of functionality. Competent booking capabilities let your clients schedule their own appointments. Furthermore, you can increase your medical practice’s business overnight.Also, it has a convenient cost calculator which allows your clients to effortlessly estimate their costs. Customize your fonts, colors, animations and transitions with the WP Customizer. The built-in WooCommerce suite lets you market your services right off your website. It’s easy to offer your clients payment gateways and more with Medicare. Very thorough documentation lets webmasters from any background master Medicare. Make the most of Medicare’s advanced features and introduce your portfolios. Let the world know what you are capable of and make it big, with Medicare!

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Therapy is a beautiful and resourceful, trustworthy and very visually appealing, colorful and youthful, serious yet lively, innovative and cutting edge, seamless and unblemished, polished and pristine, cleanly designed and technologically thought out and potent highly responsive WordPress health and medical website template. Perfect for all sorts of websites that have a strong focus on the health care industry and related aspects, enterprises, projects and businesses, from hospital and research centers to public and private clinics, pharmacies and medical practices, Therapy has all the tools and plugins you could dream of to create the most awe-inspiring, modern, jaw-dropping and amazing health care industry websites around, in a matter of minutes, and without any need for prior coding experience or skills.

Therapy puts the world’s best tech resources right at your fingertips, so that you can sit back and focus on what matters—your medical services! In the meantime, Therapy lets you make use of the incredible Visual Composer plugin to seamlessly churn out endless custom-built pages like a pro, the WordPress Booking Calendar so that your visitors can easily book appointments right off your website, and the expansive WooCommerce plugin, so you can market your services and charge for them directly on the web. Update your Therapy!

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Pearl is a powerful WordPress theme. It is the first multipurpose design that provides specialized demos at such level. Every area on the market can get approached. for very area. A responsive layout with a powerful Drag & Drop builder is already part of the deal. Taking an example Pearl medical comes with advanced pricing modules and book appointments. You will get to set up pages to talk about your departments and your staff. Emergency calls for ambulance, and sign-ups for trials are also found. It is also a custom-made theme for every kind of business.

Additionally, Pearl medical features amazing plugin compatibilities to make special actions. Moreover, you will get Slider Revolution and their own Pearl Slider for galleries and videos. Contacting clients and patients could not get easier with Contact Form 7. Any transaction and product shopping display is made with WooCommerce. WPML and SEO are also compatible to help on translations and performance. Furthermore, Pearl is optimized for speed, retina ready and completely adaptable to devices. Play with up to 6 columns, countless sidebars and high quality fonts/icons. Lastly, you will receive lifetime updates and HD video tutorials! Get it with extensive documentation and an incredible 24/7 support. Even a child theme is supported! Get Pearl!

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Themo is a crisp and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. With Themo webmasters from any background can produce powerful websites. Polished customizable websites are within reach in a matter of minutes. With powerful plugins you have access to deep customization capabilities without any coding. Also, awesome templates let you put together functional modern websites within a few clicks. Set up shop online overnight with Themo. Businesses and professionals the world over love Themo because of its reliability.

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Moreover, you can showcase your professional services in a clean visual environment. Engage your visitors with beautiful slideshows and carousels. Customize your layouts with dynamic grids and much more under the hood. Dentists and dental clinics find in Themo a sound partner to depend on. They can easily display their services to a broad audience with powerful widgets. Furthermore, enticing portfolios allow you to display your finest dental work for the world to see. Display your engaging customer testimonials up front and center with Themo. With the Parallax Composer, building smooth animated web-based platforms is effortless. Bring your dental practice to the 21st century with Themo. Lastly, Adaptive Bootstrap technology lets Themo resize itself seamlessly to any screen and device. Take your practice up a notch, with Themo!

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Medical-Link is a beautiful and wonderfully modern, up to date and cutting edge, innovative and fresh-faced, luminous and bright, very well structured and surprisingly easy to navigate, technologically imaginative and potent, stylistically refined and polished responsive WordPress medical and health care website theme. A well developed theme that has been expansively designed to easily and quickly take care of all the needs and requirements webmasters may encounter as they design, develop and maintain their own sophisticated, tech-savvy and impressive medical and health care websites, always ready in a matter of mere minutes and without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Masterfully crafted in such a way that the website design process is visual and intuitive, so that Medical-Link’s comprehensive included documentation is more than sufficient for webmasters amateur and expert alike to make their way around Medical-Link in a flash. The Redux Framework also powers Medical-Link, greatly expanding your control over your Medical-Link website by offering you a wealth of features and customizable options that truly put you in the driver’s seat of your website’s navigational experience. A wealth of convenient and relevant page templates are ready to make your life easier. Link up to better health today!

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MedicalPro is a powerfully built and highly reliable, solid and secure, professional and stylish, rapidly responsive WordPress health and medical website theme. The perfect companion for doctors, general practitioners, psychiatrists and similar, related professionals in the medical field that are looking to establish an online home for their practice, wherein clients or patients can easily and intuitively find their way about, get to the information they need and even acquire your medical services or products, all from a single, streamlined location.

With MedicalPro, four different, professional quality homepage styles are available for you to choose from and fine-tune to your liking with the incredible, drag and drop Visual Composer page builder and the brilliant Revolution Slider premium slideshow builder, making your pages unique and lively at the same time. Keeping tabs on your scheduled appointments is enormously uncomplicated, owing to the marvelous TimeTable premium plugin, provided at no added cost to you, while the impressive Booked plugin provides clean widgets for your users to easily book their own appointments right off your MedicalPro website. Running a successful practice takes a lot of patients, and with MedicalPro’s superb SEO performance and Bootstrap responsiveness, MedicalPro is bound to keep the patients coming! Try it now!

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RT-Theme 20


RT-Theme 20 is a wholesome and fully functional, sparkling and stunning, easily customizable and thoroughly user friendly, comprehensively thought out and cleverly coded, professionally designed and readily responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Developed over a length of time by a team of multi-disciplined professionals, designers and coders, working in tandem to provide you with the most resourceful, polished and professional website building toolkit on the market today.

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A perfect partner for webmasters rookies and veterans alike, since its simplistic design hides an extremely potent backbone that puts a whole slew of capable and flexible options and features right at your fingertips, without requiring you to code a single line yourself. RT-Theme 20’s nimble, intuitive interface is a favorite among corporate and professional webmasters due to its sheer intuitiveness and clean structure. RT-Theme 20 also includes wholly functional predesigned, pre-styled template pages and whole homepage demo websites readily available for deployment with a single click. With WooCommerce capabilities right out of the box let you market your products, showcase your services and much more, at the drop of a hat. Give RT-Theme 20 a try today, and let your business feel the difference!

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MentalPress is a powerful and creatively outstanding, serious and extremely professional, clean and crisp, reliable and trustworthy, safe and secure, visually luminous and attractive, engaging and deeply functional, technologically competent and capable, highly responsive WordPress psychology, counseling and medical website theme. A carefully developed theme that has been constructed with intuitiveness and ease of use as its central design values, and which, to that end, includes a host of wonderfully uncomplicated, streamlined and simple tools for you to make gorgeous modern medical and psychology websites in a matter of minutes, right out of the box, without having to write a line of code.

An effortless installation that is over with a single click, includes the potent Visual Composer plugin so you can easily make your own layouts and pages as easy as dragging and dropping sections into desired locations, and features the Real-time WordPress Customizer for you to see the precise effect your fiddling has over your website’s look and feel. Compatible with WooCommerce eCommerce plugin as well as a host of other WordPress free and premium plugins, MentalPress can be easily expanded or adapted to suit your every need, and dozens of convenient page templates will let you hit the ground running and focus just on what matters—the mental health of your patients.

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