Best Mobile-First Free & Premium AMP Themes 2019

To improve and skyrocket the mobile functionality of websites, here is a collection of the best free and premium AMP themes. When speaking about mobile, people are very sensitive regarding page load speeds and the design, too. You should not be lacking both, rather have them both of the highest standards. A site that does not load correctly does not have the brightest future ahead of it. It makes visitors leave early what impacts the overall performance of your business. You are losing potential clients but at the same time, it affects your bounce rate what triggers search engines. If SE is unhappy with your site, your rankings will go down and the traffic with it. No traffic = no business.

In this day and age, the most important factor a website should have is to be beneficial to the end user. Even when it comes to SEO, this plays a big (if not the biggest) part of the rankings.

To improve the loading speeds and make them lightning fast, there are numerous ways how to do it. One, which might just be the best options, is the AMP Project. Abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Let’s quickly get familiar with the AMP Project

Launched by Google in October 2015, it is an open-source initiative focusing on boosting website’s mobile performance. The future of the internet is mobile, meaning, every website should (already) be working fast and flawlessly on any device. The AMP Project basically has this special tweaks in the HTML code which make for a lightweight website. Since the product is by the search engine behemoth, Google, you can also see an increase in the mobile-friendly test for all the websites powered by AMP.

However, if it happens that you are already using a super fast theme, there might be no need to upgrade it with AMP Project. Chances are, you will not see any drastic improvements. But if you are just starting out, you should definitely look into it. This might be the best option for your website to offer a top-notch user experience to any visitor to your page. To save you time, we put a list together where you can find all sorts of themes for your online project. Make your web presence follow all the modern web practices and never be short of performance.

No need for your website to be slow, pick any from the best AMP themes below and you are set for success.


MagPlus is a modern and lightweight responsive WordPress blog and magazine website theme. The theme is an intuitive framework to put together awesome fresh websites. MagPlus makes design and customization an effortless, visual process. You don’t need to write a line of coding to get professional quality results with MagPlus. Let the Visual Composer do the heavy lifting for you, with 40 demo websites and 150 custom elements. MagPlus has sleek Bootstrap coding to provide ample cross-compatibility with devices and browsers.

Mobile users make up a sizable slice of every market around. MagPlus provides AMP-ready functionality for your articles and posts. Native engagement with mobile users within social media apps makes or breaks projects. Let MagPlus expand your audience and let you reach a broader crowd. Enhanced SEO performance drives your traffic through the roof overnight. Get MagPlus today, and see for yourself!

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pearl amp theme
Pearl is a multi-purpose all-in-one AMP theme with a solution for nearly any business. Numerous exclusively designed demos are at your service, so building something from scratch is not necessary. Those are a perfect fit for corporate, factory, construction, medical, restaurant and many more websites. The best part of the whole thing is that you can easily modify each demos, create custom layouts and build something entirely different with Pearl.

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Insanely amazing performance, responsiveness, over two hundred custom modules and a batch of plugins, Pearl has more than needed. Outstanding slider, handy mega menu, drag and drop header builder and tons of advanced theme options, you do not have to be a coder to create a page with Pearl. As a matter of fact, Pearl encourages everyone to make extraordinary things with it.

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jnews amp theme
Since mobile users are a crucial part of every business, these AMP themes come especially helpful. They will enhance your website’s mobile experience and make users excited to return for more. JNews is a news and magazine WordPress theme with one click demo installation. Speaking of which, in the JNews kit, you will find quite a considerable amount of sample data which you can use immediately. Go with the one you fancy most as is or improve it per your request. A lot is possible with such a powerful theme so make sure you use it to its extent.

JNews fully supports Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article and comes ready for ads and affiliate campaigns. Monetize your website with these features and grow your monthly revenue. JNews is also super shearable and sports push notification, email subscriber and social icons.

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newsmax amp theme
With over twenty ready-to-use demos, Newsmax is one huge and precious AMP theme for news websites. Moreover, it takes you just some fun dragging and dropping and you can create custom layouts easily. And there is no need for you to have years of programming and design experience. Newsmax is put together friendly to newbies and even the most advanced users.

Newsmax is responsive and retina ready, has its own review system and remarkable theme options to supercharge your website. It is compatible with all modern web browsers, as well as search engine optimized for your page to have a better SE position. Newsmax makes sure you are ready and set to hit the online world with a bang.

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noor amp theme
Noor fully supports accelerated mobile pages and is an entirely customizable multi-purpose WordPress theme. Do something simple and straightforward or go complex and ultimate with Noor, everything is possible. Oline shops, portfolios, business and consulting, restaurant, SEO agency, the list of sites you can make with Noor is endless. For your information, the theme has over thirty predefined demos which are just a click away.

Modern and sophisticated design make Noor an astonishing tool with a set of superb features. You have complete control over the layout, build headers you fancy and even start a forum. With AMP compatibility, your pages will load instantly for an enhanced mobile experience. After you install the Noor theme, install the AMP next and your website is ready for a horde of mobile users.

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PenNews is a reliable, modern and responsive WordPress news & magazine website theme. The site skin offers the tools you need to put together eloquent, attractive websites. News blogs and magazines across the board love working with PenNews. It offers premium functionality and smooth, polished performance. With awesome demos and the WPBakery, page building is a breeze with PenNews. Advanced customization settings let you brand every element on your magazine. Sophisticated social media and mobile features modernize your news website.

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Deploy sleek sliders and dazzling menus and sidebars. Showcase your finest, featured and trending content with ease. Monetize your news outlet with limitless ad spaces and in-feed ads as well. Perfect SEO brings in more traffic than you’ll know what to do with. Optimize mobile performance with Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. PenNews is the total solution for the modern news magazine!

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cairo amp theme
Cairo is a WordPress newspaper theme that works great with online magazines and blogs, too. Cutting-edge design, flexible layout, the most complete selection of features and user-friendliness, Cairo sure is an original theme. While you can select one of many predesigned samples, you can take one more step and use Visual Composer to add your personal touch to the pages. It is simple and effortless crafting one-of-a-kind designs so make sure you use it.

With a built-in MailChimp and custom widgets, you can start capturing visitors’ emails and keep them updated on what is hot. Yoast SEO allows you to further optimized your website for search engines and enjoy all the organic traffic. Cairo also supports RTL languages and is entirely translatable. Start with the video guides and get familiar with the theme before you fully commit.

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doma amp theme
With a mobile-first future (well, we already are in the future), every website should deliver the best of the best in regards to smartphone and tablet performance. That’s when AMP themes come exceptionally handy. Even when it comes to eCommerce websites, the content should load in an instant or you may lose loads of potential customers. Pick Doma WooCommerce themeand you are safe.

Twelve jaw-dropping demos allow you to kick it off in style and have the first draft ready in little to no time. Doma also has an amazing page builder which helps you create new layouts and easily improve existing ones. The options and possibilities are endless with Doma. Let your creativity go full tilt, eliminate limitations and construct a breathtaking online shop.

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fona amp theme
To make sure your visitors get the most out of your eCommerce page, make sure you pick up an AMP theme and be safe and secure, offering them the most incredible and mind-bending online shopping experience. One of such tools is Fona, packed with WooCommerce plugin to create a simplistic process of building the desired online store. With Fona’s versatility and high adaptability, the niche and industry you operate in are irrelevant. The tool adapts to all your needs and wants effortlessly.

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Start the journey with one of the available twelve demos which all are retina-ready, SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Moreover, incorporate all the other elements and extensions, implement your branding and personal touch and you are ready to shine online. Pushing items online all of a sudden becomes child’s play with Fona.

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jannah news amp theme
A responsive and retina ready AMP theme which unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you, here is Jannah. You get way more than just a WordPress theme suited for online magazines and blogs. With one single theme, you can bring all kinds of pages into being for your online project. Whether you want to launch a trendy magazine, a personal blog or you need a solid online portfolio, Jannah has you sorted. And with a few adjustments, you can quickly and efficiently transform the look of it to the micro niche that you rule.

The highly practical Jannah theme comes with more than 20 ready-to-use demos. They will rapidly speed up the process of putting together the page which will meet your requirements precisely. Pick the demo you fancy and individualize it, turning it into a custom design. It is all very possible with such an adaptable theme. What is pretty cool, you can vote for your next favorite demo. Indeed, with new updates, new demos are released which you can later use for a site redesign.

With the integrated Accelerated Mobile Pages, publishers can easily create mobile-ready content which loads instantly everywhere. This also calls for higher search engine rankings, what translates to more traffic and potentially more ad clicks. Do I hear a “Cha-ching?”

Unlimited header and footer styles, Ajax Mega Menus and more than 15 slider layouts are just a few of the many features Jannah theme comes with. The tool is super easy to use and with the practical page builder, you can quickly formulate your personal masterpiece. Not to mention, Jannah is also compatible with BuddyPress for establishing your very own social media community.

In just a few steps, you will have a working website ready for the big launch. Look no further and start building your website now.

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chap best amp theme
Are you short on time and need a quick start of something fresh which will shake the market? If that might be the case for you, get familiar with Chap, an AMP ready multi-practical theme. Expert sites will see the light in a matter of minutes. Covering portfolios, blogs, businesses, e-shops and promotional landing pages, you are in for an exclusive treat. Special ingredients and condiments only spice things up regarding constructing a website. Make sure you put them all to your advantage and enjoy the final product which will impress every guest who stumbles across your site.

But let’s start from the beginning and slowly increase the excitement with what is possible with Chap. As a starting point, you can pick a predefined sample data and invest a tiny amount of time to have a foundation for your project ready. From the on, you can take two paths. First, you can use the demo as is, add content and you are done. Second, adjust the demo, rearrange elements, improve on it and personalize it. By picking the second option, you can clearly stand out from the crowd and start wowing visitors and turning them into new clients. It all depends on your business goals, whether they are short- or long-term.

Once you launch your site and you begin driving some traffic to it, you will most definitely start brainstorming how to monetize it. For you AMP website, Chap theme has 3 built-in spaces for different ad sizes. Pick offers or ad categories relevant to your niche and see the magic happen. Meanwhile, if it is that you are starting an online shop, SEO optimized Chap theme with an insightful blog for content marketing will help you attract the keyword targeted organic traffic. You can do so much with a feature-rich theme and start marching towards success.

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okab best amp theme
One theme to rule them all. You guessed it, I am a fan of The Lord of the Rings. Are you? But we aren’t here about the fantasy novel. What we are here for is a powerful AMP theme which goes by the name Okab. It is a multi-purpose theme which you can use for every niche in any industry. Go broad or really specific, Okab is here to take care of your needs and feeds you all the necessities. Crafting your tenth or first website, it does not matter how skilfull you are, with this special tool, everyone can create and maintain a level 11 site.

Pick a pre-built demo or a homepage of choice, install it with one click and start adding content and information to it. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Sometimes, things look so complicated, yet in reality, they are as simple as saying ABC. Even when it comes to a functional eCommerce website, Okab takes care of it, too. The Accelerated Mobile Pages-ready theme is compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin. Launch an online store or expand your website with one in the future, whoever uses Okab theme, you can do whatever you like. Nothing beats a fully responsive and retina ready layout which is optimized for speed.

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Portfolio, hotel, magazine, finance, consulting, business, photography, you name it, Okab meets the requirements of every page. Build your own website with advanced live customizer and modify different sections of the theme on the go. Moreover, with visual page builder, you can come up with your layouts for every page of your site, starting with the index page. Packed with premium plugins, translatable, optimized for search engines and other goodies for the fines web presence. Feel free to look into it and do not get intrigued by the massive amount of information. It is all to benefit you and your page needs.

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onfleek amp theme
Onfleek is a modern theme for building modish internet magazines, following all the latest web trends. No matter how basic or complex you go with the web design, your website will always perform as best as possible. Your creative mind is the only limitation you have when it comes to Onfleek theme. It is the ultimate product equipped with features and extensions that help you turn your idea to realization fast and reliable. Deploying a cutting edge look is inevitable. Go above and beyond with the theme which will make publishing content fun and exciting.

Developed with a clean code and powered by the AMP Project technology, websites that rock the Onfleek theme will be swift and easy to use. It does not matter what device guests use for browsing, the user experience will always be of the highest grade. Bear in mind, over 50% of total web searches are already performed on mobile. That said, your website should be optimized for smartphones and tablets, meaning, mega fast loading speeds. With Onfleek AMP theme, you do not have to worry about that. Every mobile user will become an instant fan of your magazine or blog due to the fantastic experience it offers him or her.

For a supreme web solution, you do not have to be a highly experienced coder or a designer. Not only that, in addition, you will not face any complications rather pure enjoyment setting up the page your project requires. And you say you are a beginner? No biggie. Onfleek is ideal for a novice. Along with the easy installation, Onfleek also assists you with in-depth documentation and excellent support. You are just a few steps away from engineering a nifty online publishing platform. Start attracting new visitors, mobile and desktop, and grow your site’s potential above and beyond. No time to waste, go all in and see first results ASAP.

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paperleaf amp theme
For every minimal-head out there, Paperleaf AMP theme is the one you should take into consideration. Built specifically for the Ghost platform, all your publishing intentions just got an ideal page building tool. From portfolios and blogs to recipe collections, architecture and gadget news sites, Paperleaf is ready for all. In short, it is a multipurpose theme for all the writers who like to keep things simple and minimal. Whatever there is you plan to bring to the online space, with Paperleaf, you will do it fast and reliable. You just did yourself a favor if picking it as a basis for your website.

The theme is 100% responsive and retina ready. It works beautifully on any device type, mobile phones, tablets and desktops. And all the modern high-resolution retina screens will display your website and its content beautifully, too. Not only your imagery, graphics and icons that come with Paperleaf are pixel perfect as well. And when it comes to mobile users, Paperleaf supports Google’s AMP with a matching template. Get impressed by the ultimate page loading speeds. With the latter, every guest to your site from a mobile device is guaranteed killer user experience.

Front page and every category section have posts laid in an appealing masonry grid. Users can quickly take a peek at what you have in store for them and further investigate your page. The menu is strategically placed on the left what makes checking and reading content even more eye-friendly.

When choosing Paperleaf for your upcoming online project, you are secured with regular updates. At all times, your website will work without any problems and stay up to date with Ghost’s features. Additionally, in case you will need any help and guidance with the theme, dedicated support is always available. Hit them up and get that extraordinary page set up as quickly as possible.

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Free AMP Themes


amplify amp theme
If you are new both to the website building and to the AMP friendliness, picking up a free theme is the way to go. You can test the waters and see how things operate on the other side. Also, if you need a tool for educational purposes, a free product will help you out tremendously. Play around with the features, the functions and learn the gist of it. If you are a site owner, it all comes down to what your goals with your site are. Either you have short- or long-term plans. Yet again, even when it comes to a free theme, if it perfectly suits your needs, there is no reason why not sticking with it forever. But later on, when your site traffic increases, chances are, you will be upgrading it.

A smooth and stylish two-color theme which was built using AMP HTML is Amplify. It has a very modernistic touch to it and feels very Medium-like. You see, if simplicity works for publishing behemoths, there is no reason why it should not work for you. White background with a black font is everything you need to kick off your online journey and still look professional. You know how they say, less is more. Stick with this principle and you will definitely come far.

Due to the Accelerated Mobile Pages readiness, readers using smartphones and tablets to browse your site will be amazed. When visiting your compelling website full of incredible content, the page loads in an instant. In the modern age we are living, if a site does not load immediately, dissatisfaction arises. Do not be the one who is unable to offer the best UX possible. With a very basic AMP theme, Amplify, your users will absolutely adore you. Make them come back for more and grow your site above expectations.

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WordPress AMP

wordpress amp theme
A free to use WordPress blogging theme which will boost your blogging journey with the power of AMP. For mobile-first websites, it is important that the experience is clean and minimal, without any distractions. One of it is slow page loading speed which, the most honest truth is, no one likes. In this day and age, chances are, users will not tolerate the lack of speed your website has. To be frank, they will leave early and go to the competition. To avoid this and keep them hooked forever, a speedy page is what you will build with this free AMP-ready WordPress theme. It is cut down to the bare minimum, keeping only the fundamentals a blogger needs.

To start off like a professional but do not feel like investing into a premium theme just yet, a free one is the way to go. Simply download the zip file upload it and you are ready to start adding the content. Furthermore, you are also treated with automatic updates via WP Pusher. Theme developers make sure you are always using the latest version. You do not have to worry whether an update has been made or there is a bug, new updates fix it all.

Are you ready to jump on the blogging board and start putting your ideas into words? There is no need to hold yourself back. Your imagination is your only limitation. Avoid it and begin publishing breathtaking content for others to enjoy.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages-Ready Templates


bones amp theme
While AMP themes and templates are usually related to content publishing, they can be used for all sorts of other purposes, too. In this case, we have a special eCommerce template with Accelerated Mobile Pages support. Bones treats you will all the needed pages and other necessities for a shopping site. Product category, product detail, cart and checkout pages are all included in the file. To top it all off, your e-store will load quickly and Google will cache your pages what calls for an increase in sales. Hint: high search engine rankings.
Bones uses structured data for Google to learn more about your online store. A must-have for an eCommerce template.

When you purchase Bones AMP template, you get two complete and working layouts, one in English and the other in Arabic. Meaning, the template supports both LTR and RTL languages.

Like that would not be enough, Bones comes with a working contact form, mobile sidebar and blog section. Use the later for content marketing and further increase your online shop’s potential. Give back to your loyal clients and attract new ones with enticing content. And when users find themselves in need of support or asking you a question, the contact form will do the trick for you. No need to build your own, use the one available and set it up to your wants.

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Mobile web browsing overtook desktop in late November 2016 for the very first time. Even more people will search the internet from their smartphones. But not only browsing it, completing purchases, too. You know where the money lies.

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